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south side of school under construction

There is a whole lot of excitement among the CMMS community! As we shared last week, big preparations are underway to move our school—from paperclips to percussion instruments, from beakers to soccer balls. And of course we are moving our staff and students! We are currently engaged in creating and delivering lessons and activities with students to help them feel ready for this big transition!

A Word about Lockers: 

As we get ready to move into our new building there will be many exciting announcements. Lockers are one of these! We know students are excited about getting their locker! Students will be issued a locker the first week of school at our new building. We are planning time during the school day to review expectations as well as practice time to learn how to use the combination lock. Click here to view a 1 minute video on how to open a combination lock locker. Families are welcome to practice with their student at home if they would like.


Our most valuable communication channel with families is ENews so please read our ENews messages so you have the most up to date information.